Welcome to the Bar-D
Stacy Pigott, as published in Appaloosa Journal magazine, June 2006

Not too many ranches get started at McDonald’s, yet that’s exactly where Joe and Jan Bard’s Bar-D Ranch got its start back in 1979. While sitting in the fast-food eatery, they made the decision to purchase a horse—the horse—that would become the foundation of Bar-D Ranch’s breeding program.....  [read more]

Appaloosas lose an ambassador
Stacy Pigott, as published in Appaloosa Journal magazine, June 2006

If ever a horse was a true ambassador for the Appaloosa breed, it was Sir Wrangler. Prior to his death at the age of 29 on March 13, 2006, Sir Wrangler promoted Appaloosas in the show ring, as a sire and even as a Breyer model. He was inducted into the Appaloosa Hall of Fame in 2000—the crowning achievement in a lifetime of accolades....  [read more]

Bar-D Ranch History
by Jan Bard
This article chronicles the history of the ranch.  [read more]

Rescue of the White Mares
Sadie Babits, as published in Rocky Mountain Rider magazine

This story is about Carl Zieglar who was assigned the task of finding the lost Lipizzaner mares mares by General Patton in WWII...  [read more]

Western Horseman recognizes Sir Wrangler
from Western Horseman magazine, September 2001, page 48

Joe and Jan Bard have every reason to be proud of their stallion... [read more]

Skip A Wrangler
Sydney Bard

Skip-A-Wrangler has touched and in many cases changed the lives of others who have had the fortune enough to come in contact with her.  She is a horse that few will ever forget.  There are many reasons why she should be named World's Best School Horse, please, allow me to tell her story... [read more]

Dances with Death
Jan Bard

This story is about a mare, a bacterium, a breeding farm's worst nightmare, and the ordeal it took to create a happy ending... [read more]

Nella Paterson

Jan Steiner of Plainfield, Ill., learned that her 10-year-old mare Sirpent crossed the finish line of the 25-mile Illinois Jubilee Oct. 6 in Tremont. Elation lifted her mind and spirit. Completing the rail ride meant several things. First, her mare had accumulated 350 open miles since the summer began. To get a medallion in competitive trail riding, a horse and rider are required to complete that many miles. But the medallion Steiner and Sirpent would receive was not a bronze. It was a gold... [read more]

Cinderella Story
Puget Sound Horse and Tack paper

Minnie in December, 1995, had little energy, bad hooves, and rain blisters. Together with good care and Equine Shine, she shows potential of being the champion she was bred to be... [read more]

Spirit horse story by Linze Bard../../../Documents/Spirit horse.docx