Lucas Owen Bard

 born Aug 5, 2006.   Mom- Linze Bard

Parker May Thieme

Born September 2, 2013 Mom- Sydney Bard


Parker Tractor


Syd and Parker


Zach and Parker


2015 Third Graders

June 2012 Linze, Lucas, Jan

April 2012 Roger kids and Lucas



Jan 24, 2011 Classy colt and Lucas

Zach's family in Syd and Zach's new house

Lucas and Joe with a Panel

Joe and Lucas during December 2010 snow storm

Sedona, Lucas, Jan @ Wash. State Horse Park

neighbors Vaughn, Sirgay, and Lucas   Oct 2010


Aug 21, 2010 Syd's wedding

Aug 5, 2010 Lightning McQueen

July 2010  "Big Jack"

4th of July at Enumclaw fairgrounds


Feb 2010 Lucas and Isabella Coronado

Jan 2010 and his favorite car, Lightning McQueen


Dec. 09


Reber Ranch's Stripes

pumpkin harvest and party 2009


mural in Issaquah, Wash


Ocean Shores June 09


June 09  Grandpa Joe teaching Lucas the manly art of play!


Gr. Grandma Bea and Lucas  My 09

Alaska,  AKA Foot Warmer!

PBR Mike White, Syd, Lucas and Chris Shivers (world champion bull rider)

Asleep at the Wheel!  March 2009

Lucas with his faithful follower, Boycat

'Second' cousins, Hunter, Lucas, Isabella and Alex  -  Feb 2009

Jan 09-   2 1/2 years

Linze with Lucas on Robin, the great snowstorm of the NW, Dec 08

Grandpa Joe, Lucas, Gr Grandpa Joe, 'Uncle' George

Nick Huber and Lucas Nov 08

Lucas, Britan, Ty and Ella Rogers

Sept. 08  POWDERED!

Lucas, Emily and Nick Huber

Lucas and Mom Aug 5, 2008- two years old!



July--Zip up my Wranglers giving pony rides with Aunt Sydney

Cooling off!


June--Joe Sr., Joe Jr.,  Jan , Luc, Syd, Bea, Linze

May --pink is for boys, too, esp. in Radio Flyer airplane!

elkhorn found on our property

Isabella Coronado and partner  March 08

Lucas 1 1/2 yrs.old!!!


Jan 5, 2008-  Lucas, 17 months old with his prized possession!

Santa Irv, Sydney, and Lucas

Greatgrandma Ruth  and Greataunt Ethel with her greatgrandson, Hunter (9 mo)

16 months old and driving the John Deere with Grandpa

Lucas and second cousin, Peyton Bard (9 mos)

Justin Wallace (4) and Lucas (15 months old), good ole boys!


14 months old with Aunt Syd and Alaska

Great Aunt Genie and Lucas by Mt. Rainier

13 months and WALKING (like a drunk sailor!)

Sept 2, 2007 at the Roy Rodeo .  Jan, Syd, Lucas, Bea, Joe

Feeding the horses with the DIRECTOR!

Party at the hospital for a good friend 


ONE  YEAR OLD!!       With Greatgrandmas Bea Bard and Ruth Bradley


11 months during the Navy Reservist sendoff for Mom, deployng to Afghanistan


10 months, already driving the "RIG"

9 months

8 months

8 months old

Emily and Nicholas Huber with Linze and Lucas

7 months old, sitting in rocking chair made by great great grandfather, Rasmus Halvorson.



Now to go back to the beginning!

Lucas one hour old, Aug 5, 2006

Linze and her boys, Jake and Lucas

2 months old

Alex, Isabella Coronado, and Lucas

Grandma Jan reading horse magazine to Lucas

Aunt Sydney and hip Luc

3 months old

Lucas 4 months old meets the Christmas Moose

Future aviator/horseman?

5 months old Lucas, with big shoes to fill!

Sydney, Great grandma Bea, Linze

Great Aunt Ethel Pease and sister, Great Grandma Ruth Bradley

6 months old and standing!

Linze, Lucas 6 months, and Buck Roth